The University Archives provides a variety of duplication services, but reserves the right to restrict reproduction of materials due to condition, size, copyright, or donor requirements. Duplication options include photocopy; color photocopy; photographic reproduction; duplication of sound recordings; and digitized copies of photographs and documents.

Photocopy Services Price List

This price list includes the most frequently requested duplication services.

  • Standard Photocopy Charge for Historical Materials:
    • $0.25 per copy for 8.5 x 11
    • $0.25 per copy for 8.5 x 14
    • $0.35 per copy for 11 x 17
  • Paper Copy from Microfilm or Microfiche Charge:
    • $0.25 per copy for dry copy
  • Color Photocopy Charge:
    • $1.00 per copy for 8.5 x 11
    • $1.00 per copy for 8.5 x 14
    • $1.95 per copy for 11 x 17
  • Mailing & Handling Charge:
    • $2.50 per package if there are fewer than 50 copies.
    • Charges increase proportionately for orders in excess of 50 copies.
    • Charges for international mailing depend upon specific destinations.
  • Fax Document Delivery Charge:
    • $2.00 Base Fee + $0.35 per page (including cover sheet) - U.S. Continental Service
    • $5.00 Base Fee + $1.50 per page (no charge cover sheet) - Overseas or International Service

Please note: Payment must be received before any materials can be sent.

Photograph Duplication and Use Policy
The University Archives photographic holdings consist almost exclusively of unique images. In a few rare cases, the holdings include either a camera or copy negative and a print of the same image. Because of the one-of-a-kind nature of these materials and their extensive use by researchers, the policies (detailed below) apply to their duplication and use.

Digital Reproduction Policy and Procedure
Digital reproduction services are available at the University Archives and are done by Archives staff only.

Photographic images from prints and negatives (if possible) can be scanned for researchers by Archives staff and saved in a variety of file formats and densities. Any manipulation of digitized images by patrons beyond cropping and minor adjustments to balance and contrast is strictly forbidden.

Completion of orders for digitized images will require 72 hours or more, depending upon the size of the order.

Digital Reproduction Prices:

Initial Cost: Image Scan (negatives or prints) - $5.00/image

After scanning, images can be provided to the researcher in a variety of file formats and densities, which may add additional costs:

Product Cost
E-mail attachments none
Download File on the
Archives Web site
CD-R $5.00
Photographic Paper Printout $2.00/sheet

Information needed from the patron for this level of service:

1. File format
2. Final production (printing size)
3. Resolution (based on printing screen)
4. Color or black-and-white
5. Product desired (from table above)

Duplicate photographs made from negatives are available at the price charged the University Archives by the service provider. The service provider is a local commercial vendor so neither the timetable or the charges are determined by the University Archives. Patrons are required to pay the cost of any copy negatives that must be made in order to fulfill a request. These copy negatives are retained by the University Archives.

Please note:

1. All photographic services must be fully paid at the time that the order is placed.
2. The quality of any photographic duplication is limited by the quality of the original image.

Permission to publish or display:

The Archives encourages use of reproductions of Archives photographs in publications, public displays and on Web pages. However, permission must be obtained by means of the Archives' Request for Permission to Publish, Exhibit or Broadcast form.

For personal use, a Release for Personal Use form may need to be completed.

Commercial and non-university publication or display of University Archives material requires a $60.00 per image use fee. The use fee entitles the patron to display or publish the image in a single exhibit or in one publication title. The user fee does not entitle the purchaser to repeated, perpetual, or exclusive use of the image or materials.

While no user fee is charged to University of Missouri offices for use of archival images, completion of a Request for Permission to Publish, Exhibit or Broadcast form is required.

All digital reproductions will include the credit line as a part of the image file. The credit line must include the item call number (e.g. R:4/34/8, Box 2, Folder 7) as well as the phrase "Courtesy of the Missouri University of Science and Technology Archives."

For additional credit line information, see the Request for Permission to Publish, Exhibit or Broadcast form.

The copyright law of the United States governs the making of photocopies and other reproductions of copyrighted materials. Under certain conditions specified in the law, copies may be provided for individual researchers' private study. The copies are provided for the individual's personal use and may not be further reproduced, published, broadcast, displayed, offered for sale, transferred to another individual or deposited in another institution without written permission from University of Missouri Archives and the copyright holder.

Patrons are responsible for observing all U.S. Copyright regulations. For more information on U.S. Copyright, visit the following web site: