Archives open 8 AM - noon, Monday - Friday, or by appointment.

What is the Archives?

Established in 1978, the Missouri University of Science and Technology Archives houses the historical, legal, and cultural records of the University going back tothe beginning in 1870. The Archives collects and preserves departmental, , professorial and  alumni materials. These include photographs, the day-to-day records of the University, and campus artifacts.

How can the Archives help?

The Archives assists faculty, staff, students, and the public in research projects related to the University. Due to the sensitive and physical condition of the collections, patrons are required to adhere to the directions of the Archives' staff. The Record Center web page will also help with any question you have on requesting records and what files to record.

Does the Archives accept donations?

The Archives seeks materials that relate to the history of the campus and those associated with it, such as alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the University. These items include personal papers, photography, St. Patrick's memorabilia, official department publications, maps, graphic materials, and other historically significant items.

Donations help maintain the history of the university. If you have items that you are interested in donating to the Archives please contact us at (573) 341-6954, or via Archives email.

Endowment Fund

An Endowment Fund has been established for the Missouri S&T Archives to help us preserve the heritage of the Missouri School of Mines, the University of Missouri-Rolla and the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Contact us for more information.